Search Engines
85% of website traffic comes directly via links. Links from either Search Engines and Directories or links on other sites. If your site doesn’t speak the language of ‘links’, you loose this 85%! Sites once planned and designed effectively need to alert the world that they’re there. An ad campaign is wasted if the engines can’t direct you to your site.

Search Engine optimisation evens your chance against the bigger brands. If you’re top of the list, SEO turns branding on it’s head in your favour. On the web, a well designed site with great content levels the playing field - only if it can also be easily found.

DMCC Undertakes optimisation through a balanced combination of Site Optimisation: Page Optimisation: Keyword Marketing: Competitive analysis: Linking campaigns

Online Marketing.
DMCC focuses on affiliation promotions, as well as viral and html email campaigns. The more links to your site, the more visitations. This also comes with a bonus, Search Engines rank your site higher the more links they detect going to your site.

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